Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sally Mann, an already legendary contemporary photographer who works primarily within alternative processes has just released a new book published by Aperture titled "Proud Flesh." The subject has always played the primary role in her work, this time she turned her antique camera on her husband. Conscientious blog published an essay or statement about the work prepared by Mann.
"I am a woman who looks. Within traditional narratives, women who look, especially women who look unflinchingly at men, have been punished. Take poor Psyche, punished for all time for daring to lift the lantern to finally see her lover... It is a testament to Larry's tremendous dignity and strength that he allowed me to take the pictures that I did. The gods might reasonably have slapped this particular lantern out of my raised hand, for before me lay a man as naked and vulnerable as any wretch strung across the mythical, vulture-topped rock. At our ages, we are past the prime of life, given to sinew and sag, and Larry bears, with his trademark god-like nobility, the further affliction of a late-onset muscular dystrophy. That he was so willing is both heartbreaking and terrifying at once."

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