Friday, June 29, 2012

New Resident: Mona Miri

Introducing our newest artist-in-residence, Mona Miri!

Mona Miri has worked as a photographer for more than 10 years, translating her unique perspective of the environment onto traditional film and digital images. Mona's style appropriately represents the struggle of change. Her environmental series, a collection of urban landscapes, allows the audience to experience change as manifest in industrial development. Her environmentally-friendly practices and methods through her work has found her acclaim in the photography community and industry. She has worked with environmental organizations like The National Wildlife Federation, commissioned in Sustainability programs and worked with various Non-Profits. She has also collaborated on projects with Green Business', and major companies like Converse Inc., Kohl's, Sears, Puma and more through their social and environmental responsibility initiatives. Her work has been featured in The Boston Globe, LA times, CMYK Photography Magazine, Treehugger, Digital Photographer Magazine, and more.

Check out her work at:

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