Saturday, November 3, 2012

The 13th Annual Photo A Go Go!
December 14, 2012


Everyone at the collective is getting super excited about this years event. We are hoping you can be a part. Please consider participating in the 2012 Photo a Go Go, a silent auction of fine art photography, and one of the most exciting photographic events of the year in Maine. Photo a Go Go is BPiC’s only annual fundraiser, and it allows us to continue to foster the photographic community in Maine and beyond. Your support provides us with the ability to offer an affordable place for artists to work, workshops for educating the community in photographic arts, and enriching events like artist lectures and residencies.
At the Bakery Photographic Collective, we want to encourage your continued support for our exciting and important fundraiser. We would like to ask you to take part by donating *one* ready to hang photograph to this fantastic collection of images. And in return, you will receive a credit of 20 hours use of our facility within the next year. This event gains the attention of many collectors, curators and galleries so please show us your finest work.
To Participate:
Please fill out our ONLINE FORM and upload a jpeg of the piece you are donating. We will be using the images submitted for promotions (advertising, posters, cards, banners etc.) so please upload a jpeg to these specifications:
JPEG saved at 1800 pixels on longest side, 2.8 MB max size
Title the image before upload in the following manner:
LastName_FirstName.jpg (for example: Gursky_Andreas.jpg)
Please submit by November 11th so we can include your name in all our promotions.
Feel free to contact us with any questions. Drop-Off of work will begin November 15th.
Some Important Dates to Remember:
October 26th: Online Registration of Intent to Donate with JPEG due
November 15th to November 29th: Drop-Off of work
December 13th and 14th: Photo a GO GO Preview
December 14th 6-8pm: Photo a GO GO Party and Auction
We hope to see you there!

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